The Radex Innovation Centre is a full-service shared commercial building with all the necessary facilities. It is like a hotel for companies, bridging the gap between the commercial sector and the university.

Tenants in the Radex Innovation Centre are right in the middle of a knowledge-intensive, inspirational environment. You reap the benefits of:

  • a full-service reception desk
    • phones answered using your own company name
    • post handling
    • copying facilities
    • administrative work
  • plenty of parking, including charging facilities for electric vehicles
  • meeting facilities (rented by the hour or half day)
  • consulting room (free of charge)
  • kitchen/coffee corner
  • fibre Internet with a symmetrical capacity of 1Gb; option for a fixed IP address and handling your own routing
  • the Delft Kennisstad network


A wide variety of knowledge-intensive companies work from Radex, ranging from startups to names that are now familiar and established. Sharing knowledge is essential. Setting your business up in Radex means you are automatically a member of the Radex tenants’ association. You are welcome at the tenants’ association’s drinks, readings, Christmas dinner and barbecue. In short, you’re in good company at Radex.

If you’re interested in what the Radex Innovation Centre could do for you, please contact us without any obligation!

An impression of the services